8 reasons why a VW Caddy is a great camper

8 reasons why a VW Caddy is a great camper
Dolly and me

1.Great campervan for an everyday vehicle

A VW Caddy Van is small, compact, and very easy to use as an everyday vehicle. No need to get another vehicle for those everyday trips to the shops, to work, for school drop-offs, evening events, etc, etc.

Even better, every day that I step into Dolly the Caddy Camper, I get to remind myself of the wonder that Dolly is and offers. A self-contained adventure vehicle on my back with everything I need to take off on a magical road trip.

2. A VW Caddy makes for a brilliant small-space campervan conversion

The VW brand and campervans have such an iconic appeal. Ever since I was 6 and got to ride in a wonderful classic type 2 VW split-screen campervan I have been in love with these fun-loving, adventure vehicles. They have freedom, road-trip, adventure-spirit, travel, exploration written all over them.

8 reasons why a VW Caddy is a great camper
Vintage me, with brother – VW Splittie

Rather than go down the route of a ready-converted campervan, I wanted a a great campervan space that was small and compact. That was my very own, was brand new, and could fit into an everyday type of vehicle.

Type 2 campervans are way out of my league now. So…the next best thing? A VW Caddy Van. Same VW appeal and reputation, great for small-space camper conversion, and great for everyday driving.

I bought Dolly the VW van (before she become Dolly the Caddy Camper) from a van dealer at Henfield, West Sussex. The amazing Darren, at Vantastic Campers, brought Dolly the Caddy Camper to life with a superb small-space campervan conversion. It even includes a rock-n-roll campervan bed that converts back to 2 safe and legal passenger seats.

3. It’s amazing how much can be fitted into a VW Caddy Camper conversion

I can’t recommend Darren’s work enough. Such a joy to work with and chat through the detail of my great campervan space. He knew exactly what he was doing and obviously has a real passion for campervans and van living.

So, what did Darren manage to fit into Dolly the VW Caddy Camper?

  • two proper fully-fitted passenger back seats with seat belts that folds down into a camper bed (bought from Hammonds Campervan beds)
  • a small fridge
  • a small sink
  • one gas ring
  • storage including a tall storage unit with hanging rail
  • a heater
  • a 3 pin plug socket
  • a charger socket
  • a push-button night light
  • an exterior electric hook-up plug in socket
8 reasons why a VW camper is a great camper
Compact interior

4. It’s easy to ‘get up and go’

I have stocked up great campervan Dolly with everything I need including spare set of clothes, walking boots, wet weather gear, toiletries, bedding, and the essential food items. So when I decide I want to ‘get up and go’ for a few days, the only extras I need to think about are things like milk, fresh fruit, things for the fridge, and …of course, treats!!

How brilliant is that? To be able to decide, on the spur of the moment, when I have a few free days ahead, to step out of the house with handbag, money, and keys, and know that all I have to think about is where to go, which direction to head Dolly, and where my next amazing campervan adventure is going to be.

5. There’s room for back-seat passengers

8 reasons why a VW Caddy is a great camper

One of my must-have’s for Dolly was being able to transport more than 2 people, safely and legally. I became a Granny last year and what more could a Granny want than to take gorgeous grandchildren on campervan adventures too.

It was going to be a challenge to source safe and legal back seats for the small VW Caddy space that could also be used as the great Caddy campervan bed.

How did I find a company that supplied these custom-made campervan beds? I joined Facebook campervan forums. There are lots out there. I gleaned some really helpful information from the CCUK : Camperconversions Caddy Club UK forum. And I was recommended from a forum member, Hammond Camper Beds. They specialise in custom-made camper beds and upholstery for all types of campervans including VW Caddy Vans.

Darren from Vantastic Campers did all the communication with Hammond Camper Beds for me including getting the measurements right, choosing the right camper beds/passenger seats for the VW Caddy, ordering, and fitting the seats/bed.

It’s a comfy bed too!

6. Great solo campervan travel at its best

If, like me, it’s always been your dream to own a campervan and take off into the sunset, a VW Caddy van conversion is just right for solo campervan travel.

I decided to name Dolly the Caddy Campervan when I first saw the wonderful dolls-house living space in the back of the Caddy van that Darren had fitted for me. We had chosen the colour scheme, fabrics, and layout together, and I then put all my trust into Darren’s expertise in terms of design, build, layout, and fitting.

I was so pleased with the result. A great campervan size for me, the Caddy, and the open road, and yet good too for couples (yes, the bed can squeeze two people to fit) and for families – options for awnings and for tents.

8. It’s campervan travel made easy

The best thing I’ve noticed during Dolly the Caddy Camper’s short life is that it’s great campervan travel made easy. It may be the same for larger campervans too, and yet it takes me just 10 minutes to stock up the fridge, put water in the water container, and off I go. It’s that easy.

Of course, I have to plan a route, research some campsites, fill up with fuel, and check the Caddy’s essential oil, water and tyres, but I love the feeling of being able to jump into Dolly and I’m off on another amazing adventure.

See ya!