The Campervan Bible

The Campervan Bible
The Campervan Bible

I always keep this book in Dolly the Caddy Camper. why? Because it’s THE definitive glovebox bible for anyone who owns, hires, or yearns for a campervan.  It’s Martin Dorey’s The Camper Van Bible: Live, Eat, Sleep (Repeat)

All campervan lovers need this book

Get your hands on this book and you’ll be hooked on campervan living for ever.

I bought The Campervan Bible years before Dolly came into my life.  Just buying the book made me realise I would one day be a campervan owner.

It’s an amazing book and includes absolutely everything about campervan living and campervan adventures.

Martin Dorey is an acknowledged campervan expert, a writer, a surfer and a serial campervan owner.   He has also written The Camper Van Cookbook (2010), and The Camper Van Coast (2012).

The campervan bible – fun, colourful, easy to read, useful, helpful

Read The Camper Van Bible: Live, Eat, Sleep (Repeat) and you’ll be inspired by the wonderful photos and colour-coded sections.

There’s snippets from real-life campervan owners on ‘what does a camper mean to you’. And also useful info on the nitty-gritty of driving and maintaining the campervan, and a great glossary at the back of the book.

Martin Dorey even gives his very own tips on the best-sited campervan campsites on the sunny south coast of the UK.

It’s an easy book to dip in and out of.  Open it up at random and you’ll always find something new to read. How about ‘making your own shower curtain sunshade’?  Or ‘Emptying your Tanks’?  Or making a Kampervan Korma?

Incredible content

Take just one look at the Contents pages will tell you ALL you need to know about what’s included in the book. Lots of chapters divided up into easy sections within: Living, Eating, Sleeping and (Repeating) in a campervan.

Buy this perfect travelling companion for all your travels and campervan adventures.  It’s full of incredible photography, essential info, and content that’s presented in a lively and informal style with plenty of quirky and quality colour illustrations too.

A travel book that reflects fun and freedom

We all know that campervans are a universal symbol for the open road, for free spiritedness, love, peace and harmony, fun and freedom.

Just by picking up this enormously fun and inspiring book, you’ll be transported into a world of travel and the outdoors, of nature, of cooking by campfire, of making the most of small spaces, and of yearning to see places that you’ve only dreamed of before.

That’s what campervan travel does, and that’s what The Camper Van Bible: Live, Eat, Sleep (Repeat) will do for you too.

This book has an open road running through it and there’s so much inside for everyone, from expert campervanners to newcomers.