Word of the Week – coddiwomple


Coddiwomple…do you?

Coddiwomple is an English slang word but what a lovely word it is. I think so anyway.  It’s meaning? To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

Of course I do sometimes like to plan my travel and destinations.  However, the joy of waking up some mornings, seeing a brilliant blue sky, feeling the warm sunshine, having a free day, and knowing that Dolly the caddy camper is waiting just outside, means I can simply jump onboard and coddiwomple off to  travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

It’s spontaneous, freeing, exciting, and adventurous.  And isn’t that what campervan travel is all about?

Anyone can coddiwomple

Actually, you don’t really need to own a campervan to coddiwomple.  You can do it anywhere.  Set off walking around your local streets simply to just….explore.  I never knew that there’s an amazing inter-connecting set of alleyways between most of the roads where I live that cut across main roads and get to some places in a different way. Until one day I followed one and got to the local post office in double quick time.  I now coddiwomple along these alleyways frequently, often not really knowing where they will take me.

Coddiwompling is a great way to explore any destination, local or afar.  And it’s often the best way of coming across that lovely little bar, cosy family-run restaurant, or amazing view.

Nothing wrong in making a beeline for that beauty spot or tourist attraction that everyone has been telling you about.  But sometimes our expectations can be dashed when we discover that, actually, our jaws didn’t drop after all.

Codiwompling with Dolly

Dolly the Caddy Camper

I’m looking forward to doing more coddiwompling with Dolly this year.  Like a lot of people, I’m a bit hard-tuned to setting a destination, working out the route, and calculating how long it will take me to get there.

Well this year…no.  I’m going to practice setting off with a vague idea of whether I want to head north, east or west.  Can’t go south as the sea is there.  I shall drive along for a bit, turn left or right or head straight on, find another interesting road, and then coddiwomple along there for a bit.

Who knows what I’ll find and where I’ll end up, but that’s coddiwompling for you.

Take a coddiwomple sometimes and embrace the unexpected.

Sarah and Dolly