Why I chose a VW Caddy Camper


VW Caddy Camper – why I chose one

VW Caddy Camper is an ideal small camper.  I discussed my caddy camper conversion with Darren from  Vantastic Campers and he transformed the back space of the van into a living/sleeping space that included:

  • a rocknroll bed
  • a mini sink and one ring burner
  • a fridge
  • hanging space
  • 2 small storage spaces
  • lots of space behind the front seats
  • space underneath the rocknroll bed for bedding
Why I chose a VW Caddy Camper
Compact interior

A caddy campervan doubles as an everyday vehicle

VW caddy vans are sleek, nippy, easy to park, uncomplicated, and easy to drive.  They double as an everyday vehicle and the campervan space can be packed away in minutes.

It’s important to keep ultra organised in the camper space. And to keep possessions and ‘things’ to a minimum in order to avoid feeling cluttered.  In fact, one very important thing I have learnt is that, when the bed is folded down, I can’t open the fridge.  So, to make a morning cuppa, I have to get the milk out of the fridge the night before.

It’s amazing what a mini -fridge can hold

I can stock the mini-fridge with enough food for a few days.  There’s a separate mini freezer section at the top with a mini ice tray, 2 small racks for holding food, a section on the bottom for a basket for fruit & veg, and separated sections in the door for milk, dairy, and other kinds of drinks.

Another tip.  I have to remember to turn up the fridge the day before I set off on my travels. This makes sure the freezer section is cold enough to start freezing some ice.

I have a leisure battery that recharges whenever I drive the VW caddy van so I’m always assured of enough charge for the fridge, the lighting, and the heater.

The cosiness of a VW caddy van camper at night

Whenever I look at Dolly from the outside I still can’t believe that her super interior space doubles up as a very cosy night-time space with comfy bed, night-light, and heating, where I feel very safe, warm, and secure wherever I bed down for the night.

Why I chose a VW Caddy Camper
Cosy at night

On those chillier mornings all I have to do is flick the heating switch on and wait for about 15 mins for the space to get warm and toasty.

It’s certainly a very compact (but comfortable) sleeping space, and with two people in the bed-space I would advise that you’re ultra-organised!  An awning can always be added on to the van and this is something that I’m planning for the future.

But hey, just think of those warm sultry evenings and nights when you can leave the back doors open, drift away listening to the sounds of the night, and wake up at sunrise looking out on the most incredible view of your choice.

My journey of exploration with Dolly the Caddy Camper has only just begun.  But am I glad that I’ve chosen such an easy, small-space, uncomplicated, comfy and cosy VW Caddy Van camper for my partner in travel.