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No. 1 place to visit post-lockdown

No. 1 place to visit - somewhere with trees
Beech Trees

No 1. place to visit is somewhere with lots of trees.

Why? So many reasons. I love trees. Without them, the human race wouldn’t survive – trees take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and, in the process of making wood, they emit oxygen…vital for our existence. I’m always thanking trees, hugging them too.

No. 1 place to visit - somewhere with trees
Hugging a Pine Tree

Second, trees are sanctuaries. Sanctuaries for calm, peace, nature, wildlife, thought, de-stressing, happiness, beauty.

Third, being in a forest is good for the soul, it’s impossible to be unhappy in a forest. It’s the simple things that take over, like listening to branches whistle in the wind, noticing how the mind starts to unclutter, feeling the crunch underfoot as you walk, and breathing in the fresh forest air.

So…where are the No. 1 place to visit local forests and woods where Dolly and I can travel to for the day? Here’s my list so far:

Just think of all the No. 1 places to visit of wonderful forest spaces, untouched after months of being human-free during the virus-crisis months, that will be ready to explore, abundant with nature, and full of bird song.

I can’t wait…

No. 1 place to visit - somewhere with trees
Tree Hugging at Buriton, Hampshire


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