Tree hugging and Trees

The beauty of trees

Tree hugging is one of my passions. In 2018, I hugged a different tree every day of the year. Needless to say, I learnt a lot about trees in the process.

I have also learnt that there are some key organisations in the UK that support the love and care of trees, and that promote the importance of trees to our health and well-being, and to the future of the planet. These are:

10 reasons why I love tree hugging?

  • I am giving thanks to the tree for giving us the air that we breathe
  • Hugging trees increases levels of the happy hormone serotonin
  • Trees are a source of energy. Not only do they provide oxygen and shade, they provide shelter and habitats for animals
  • Some trees give their fruit and wood to help ensure our survival
  • Trees bear wisdom. They shed their leaves in winter and yet they remain standing tall knowing that they will return to full splendour again in the spring
  • Trees have an excellent grounding energy, they give out the energy vibe of safety, security and stability
  • I have learnt to get to know the different varieties of tree
  • Hugging trees encourages me to get out into nature regularly
  • I have explored new areas of parkland and forests
  • I appreciate the importance of saving trees to save our planet

What were my top tree hugs in 2018?

  1. The Cedar Tree of Lebanon. The Cedar Tree has a symbol of power and longevity. My father’s ashes are buried underneath this tree. I love the way the Cedar tree has a mind of it’s own, the way that its branches span out horizontally in all directions and provide such a warm and welcoming feel. And wow…what a magnificent tree trunk.
Hugging a Cedar Tree
  1. The Silver Birch. I love the white bark of these striking trees, there’s no mistaking them. Their trunks are elegant and slim and their branches are elegant too. The leaves, light and delicate, twinkle and dance. I would say that, if trees were in a fashion show, the Silver Birch would definitely be up there on the cat walk.
Hugging a Silver Birch

Maple Trees. I frequently pass through this glorious avenue of Maple Trees at Beach Tree Gardens in Worthing. An uncomplicated tree, the Maple looks magnificent whatever the season, with leaves that change to magnificent colours. Even in the winter when the maple is waiting for its fresh spring bloom, this tree never loses it’s charm.

Hugging a Maple Tree
Hugging a Maple Tree

Plant a tree, save the planet

Trees are in the news a lot these days. We all know the stark facts on climate change and how we need to act NOW to prevent irreversible damage to the earth.

Planting trees can drastically help to capture huge amounts of damaging carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In fact, research shows that planting billions of trees across the world is one of the biggest and cheapest ways of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere.

So, how about it? When was the last time that YOU planted a tree? You can contact any of the organisations above to find out more about how to help preserve, and plant more trees.


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