No. 5 place to visit post-lockdown

No. 5 place to visit when the pandemic is over is a pub stopover. Close to my No. 4 place to visit – the beautiful tunnel of trees at Halnaker – it’s a perfect overnight stopover for me and Dolly. And it means more time to explore, more time to relax, and more time to walk on the South Downs.

Apparently, the Prince of Wales pub is only 15 minutes drive from Chichester and it has a few camper places in the field behind the pub. Even better, you can enjoy traditional pub food and there are overnight facilities – a must for Dolly and me. It’s got some good reviews on PitchUp too.

Why is it important for me and Dolly to have overnight facilities?

  • Dolly has a water supply but not a toilet
  • It’s always nice to be able to enjoy some pub food after long walking stints
  • In the UK, wild camping (camping anywhere) is illegal
  • I feel safer
  • I never know who I might get chatting to at the pub!
No. 5 place to visit with Dolly the Caddy Camper

No. 5 place to visit is my final top 5 suggestion

Just to recap, I started the theme of my ‘top 5 places to visit when the pandemic is over‘ way back in September 2020, just before the covid virus got worse again. When we are all allowed to get out and about again, simply focusing on these top 5 places has given me lots to look forward to. Here’s a reminder of my top 5 places to visit:

Good start to my 2021 planned trips in Dolly the Caddy Camper!

We’ve all needed some positivity to get us through these dark virus times. And we all have different ways of coping and ‘looking forward’ Dolly and trees give me reasons and passions to ‘look on the bright side of life’. What are yours?

Always look on the bright side of life

Until next time,

Sarah x


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