Tree hugging

Trees – ‘we give one another life’

I watched this short film The Trees Movie today. It’s a crowd-funding film created by tree enthusiasts around the globe. They are keen to tell the world that, places we once called home, will soon be uninhabitable.

They say there is a simple solution. That, by planting more trees, this global climate crisis can be reversed.

Apparently, if 1.2 trillion new trees are planted by the year 2030 (only 9 years away), they will help to suck up nearly 830 billion tons of heat-trapping carbon dioxide that is currently swirling around the atmosphere and that is damaging us and the planet.

In short, trees help US by purifying the air and giving the oxygen we need to survive. In return, we can help THEM by caring for them, helping them to grow, protecting them, and extending their life.

The movie creators are seeking anyone who has a phone, camera, voice and story and wants to tell their own timeless tale of trees. Your story could be woven together with hundreds of fellow tree lovers and enthusiasts from around the world.

I’m going to submit my own tree hugging experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to send a love letter to the silent giants that control our fate.

Sarah x


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