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Is hiring out a caddy camper to others a good thing?

Hiring out a caddy camper and sharing with others is something that I started doing last year, via

Taking off in a campervan is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to get away, holiday, travel and camp. Why? Because it’s spontaneous, it feeds our desire for adventure, it’s easy, it allows us to go where we want at our own speed, and, perhaps most importantly, it’s fun.

Why hire out your precious caddy camper?

Hiring out a caddy camper to others means they can:

  • see how they get on with Dolly’s miniature size
  • try before (perhaps) they buy
  • arrange the caddy camper hire via a reputable campervan hiring firm
  • be safe in the knowledge that insurance, breakdown cover etc is all included
  • get to know Camptoo’s easy airbnb-type of booking for campervans
  • take off and travel in an instant
  • know that they will be hiring a delightful miniature camper

Friends ask me how hirers look after Dolly and whether she comes back looking as pristine as she did when she left. And the answer is, yes, she has been returned in perfect condition. So far I’ve done five hires via Camptoo and all of the caddy camper hirers have been wonderful – respectful, trustworthy, and like-minded. And I know that, following two hires of Dolly, one of my hirers is already well on the way to converting his own caddy. How amazing is that?

My tips for a good hire

What would I recommend as being essentials for hiring out a caddy camper?

  • keep your camper as uncluttered and uncomplicated as possible – this makes for fast-turnarounds and easy cleaning and maintenance
  • choose a camper insurance arrangement that is best for you. Going with my own camper insurance that would cover hirers as well would be a considerable annual expense. Going with Camptoo’s insurance policy takes the onus away from me – ok, it means less for me for each hire once the insurance cost has been discounted, but it gives me peace of mind
  • make sure your Gas Safety Certificate (if your camper has gas) is kept up-to-date each year
  • keep an inventory of everything in your camper (Camptoo insist on this anyway)
  • get to know your hirers a little before they hire
  • keep dates free in the year so you can enjoy your camper too!
  • an obvious one – ensure that the camper is well serviced and maintained throughout the year

Hiring out a caddy camper is a bit like Airbnb, but for holiday homes on wheels instead. And who wouldn’t enjoy waking up to views like this? If you would like to hire Dolly, here’s how.

View from caddy camper

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